Providing a Brief

To help us supply a final result that you will be delighted with, consider the following points when providing a brief:
  • Who is your target market?
  • What do you aim to achieve with the material?
  • How much information do you need to include - what size publication will carry the data comfortably?
  • Do you also require print quotes?
  • Can you supply the text and images on disk, or will data entry and scanning or photography be necessary?
  • Is there an existing corporate theme that should run through the artwork?
  • Do you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the colours and design of the art? A rough hand drawn mockup can be very helpful.
Supplying Files

Whilst Artroom Creative (like most of the design industry) is Mac based, we can of course handle most common formats from both Windows and Mac computers. Files can be supplied on CD, DVD, USB memory stick and email. Our commonly acceptable file formats include:
  • Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Pages etc
  • Email message text
  • Rich Text Format
  • Illustrator (up to CS3)
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • InDesign (up to CS3)
  • Photoshop (PSD files), TIF, JPEG or EPS
  • 300dpi/ppi or higher at printed size
(Publisher files are not currently acceptable, please export to pdf or provide a hard copy)
Proofing and Approval

We can provide you with traditional colour hard copy artwork proofs, but recommend you consider digital proofs as a low cost, quick alternative.

PDF proofs are quick, easy and quite accurate. They can be opened in the free version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader application.

Check and double-check
Significant author’s changes can incur extra cost, so ensure that the content you supply is as final as possible.
The proofing stage is when you should check not only the design, but also all content, text, phone numbers and address details.
Making all your changes at once is a more efficient way to proof than to notice a few small things on each new draft.
When you receive your final artwork proof, take the time to re-check everything. Artroom Creative will do a quick proof of the artwork, but it is ultimately your responsibility. Only provide approval to print when you are happy with all aspects of the art.

Printing your Job

Once you have approved your artwork, it’s time to go to press. You may prefer us to send the artwork via email or disc directly to you, or straight to your favourite printer.
If you don't have a regular printer, we can help also. We have a comprehensive network of printing contacts. Just provide us with your printing requirements (preferred Quantity, stock etc) and we will organise competitive quotes for you.
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